Students earn one PTSO point per hour of participation in a PTSO activity.  Activities include but are not limited to meetings, events, concession stand, rest stops, and prom promise fundraising.  Students can earn extra points by having their parent/guardian volunteer.  Students are awarded one PTSO point for each hour the parent/guardian volunteers. 

    What are PTSO Points used for? 

       Prom Promise - Student and parents points are combined to determine how many tickets the student will receive at Prom Promise in their Junior and Senior year.   Tickets are used for prize drawings at the event. 

       Senior Scholarships – Students may earn points until the end of the third marking period of their senior year to be considered for the Senior Scholarship.  Seniors must have earned a minimum of 10 points per school year in grades 9-12 to be eligible for the scholarship.  Students who have met the eligibility requirements may be awarded the Scholarship at the discretion of the Board.  In general, the seniors with the highest number of points will be awarded the Senior Scholarship.   

       SAT/ACT/SAT – any student who volunteers 6 hours in grades 9-12 are eligible to have ONE PSAT/ACT/SAT paid for by the PTSO.  Maximum of one per student for all years of high school.  Student and parents points cannot be combined. 

       School Jackets – Points may be earned and applied toward a school jacket.  Only one jacket will be awarded.  Student’s points may only be used toward earning a jacket.  Students must earn 200 points and 50 of these points must be PTSO points to earn a jacket.