The PTSO supports the school community through a variety of activities.  If you are a school associated organization or faculty member that would like to request financial assistance from the PTSO, complete a Request for Funds form PTSO Request for Funds and submit to JoeAnn Kimball, Assistant Principal.  Forms need to be submitted prior to PTSO meeting scheduled for the upcoming month.  Organizations/faculty members approved for funding agree to support the PTSO by volunteering at a PTSO fundraiser. 

     PTSO funded activities include:


    ·         Prom Promise

    ·         Senior Scholarships

    ·         Board appreciation

    ·         Teacher appreciation

    ·         Holly Hain 5K

    ·         Drama Club

    ·         Alcohol and Tobacco Awareness Poster Contests

    ·         Ski Club

    ·         Mitten Tree

    ·         School Supplies

    ·         Middle School Incentives

    ·         7th grade Welcome Ice Cream Social

    ·         8th grade Farewell Dance

    ·         HEAL Club