• 2018-2019 Meetings:     Held in lower cafeteria at 5 p.m. on August 20, October 24, November 14, December 11, March 1, April 10 and May 21. 

                                         Officer election will be held at the May 21 meeting. 

    **ATTENTION**  Members attending meetings will earn a ticket for each meeting/Family Fun Night they attend.  Members will earn a ticket for each new recruit that has attended a meeting and event; in addition, the member will earn a $10 credit for the spirit store.  At the end of the year, a drawing for tickets will be held for a $50 Visa Gift Card. Join Today!


    Our meetings consist of the Presidents Report, the Treasurers Report, Concession Stand Report, Rest Stop Report, Family Fun Night Coordinator Report and any school announcements that need to be shared.  Members have discussion around ideas that will help raise funds for our students.  These funds help to support  programs such as Jr High Incentives, Prom Promise, Drama Club, PSAT's, family night as well as many others.


    Here is a list of the PTSO officers and how they may be reached if you have any questions or would like to join.


    President:                                               Joanne Reed                                  jreed@cscsd.org

    Vice President:                                        Jessica Peck                                   jpeck@cscsd.org

    Secretary:                                              Autumn Peck                                  apeck3222@gmail.com

                                                                 Giavanna Reed                               reed-giavanna@gstboces.org              

    Treasurer:                                              Char Wood                                     charwood@ymail.com

    School Liaison:                                        Regenia Rosko                               rrosko@stny.rr.com

    Staff Liaison:                                           JoeAnn Kimball                              jkimball@cscsd.org

    Rest Stop Coordinator:                             Jessica Peck                                  jpeck@cscsd.org

    Family Fun Night Coordinator:                   Joanne Reed                                 jreed@cscsd.org

    Concession:                                             Trish Machuga                              tmachuga@hepsales.com

    Spirit Store Coordinator:                           Stacey Austin                               smkaustin@hotmail.com