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    What do I do if we take an at-home COVID test and it is positive?

    Public Health's guidance on how to report a positive at-home test

    On March 1, 2022, NYS Department of Health released updated guidance for schools regarding the response and mitigation of COVID-19. Districts reserve the right to be more restrictive than the guidance based on community risk status.  Below is a summary of the updated COVID-19 guidance and protocols for Campbell-Savona Central School District.


    Students, faculty, and staff are no longer required to wear a face covering inside school buildings. The only exception to this is for students, faculty, or staff who test positive for COVID-19. They may return on day 6 and must wear an appropriate face covering on days 6-10 of their isolation period.

    Quarantine and Exposure

    It is highly recommended that any close contact or person who has been exposed to COVID-19 should wear a mask for the 10 days following exposure.  These individuals should test upon notification of exposure and again on the 5th day following exposure.  If unvaccinated, it is recommended that the exposed individual tests more frequently post exposure.

    Any individual who has been exposed to COVID-19 can continue to ride the bus, attend school, and participate in after school activities.  It is highly recommended that they wear a mask. This includes household contacts of students, staff, and faculty. It is also highly recommended that student, faculty, and staff isolate from the infected individual if a household contact.

    Test to stay is no longer required but will continue to be offered if families do not have access to COVID tests at home.

    Symptomatic Individuals

    All symptomatic individuals, regardless of vaccination status, must be excluded from school until they have been tested for COVID-19 and meet other “Return to school” guidelines for symptoms (ex. Fever, vomiting, etc…). The guidance has removed language allowing an alternate diagnosis for return to school. If symptoms continue to worsen, additional testing should be conducted.

    COVID-19 Testing

    Testing requirements recommended by the NYS Department of Health are the responsibility of the staff member or the parent/guardian of the student. 

    Testing will continue to be offered daily in both district health offices. The testing location will no longer be held in the Savona small gym beginning March 7, 2022. Students, faculty, and staff may mask up and go to the health office in the building they work or attend school in for testing.  Please note that testing can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of traffic in the health office.

    Tests can be conducted three ways: at a doctor’s office or medical facility, at school, or an home-test. At-home COVID-19 tests can now be accepted by the district. All results must be sent to the health office via email.  A picture proof is required for the test to be accepted.

    Schools have the authority to exclude students, faculty, or staff from school or request additional testing if it is determined that appropriate testing was not conducted, there is reason to believe a test was conducted incorrectly, or if picture proof is not provided.

    Mandatory Weekly Testing for Staff

    The NYS Department of Health continues to require weekly testing of unvaccinated faculty and staff.  If changes occur to this guidance, the faculty and staff will be notified.