• AWL Procedures

    Academic Watch List
    • Students who receive a grade of 69 percent or below for one or more courses at the end of the five week midterm date and/or at the end of the
    10 week marking period are placed on the academic watch list.
    • An updated academic watch list will be posted every Monday. The list runs
    from Monday to Sunday. All students and the course or courses they are on
    the list for are listed on this document.
    • Students remain on the academic watch list until the next grading period
    (5 or 10 week grades).
    • An “OKAY” will appear next to the name of each student on the list who has
    met the requirements and can participate in the following week’s activities.
    To earn an okay students must do both of the following:
    - Attend two sessions of S.O.S.
    - Complete work for the week that meets our academic watch list
    ds of 70 percent or above. This is determined by the teachers
    of the classes the studen
    t is on the list for. This does not mean the
    t is passing the course. It means the student has made the effort
    t week and has attended class, participated and completed assign-
    ts, tests and quizzes to earn a grade of 70 percent or higher for the
    eek. The S.O.S. teacher will gather this information weekly on Friday by
    emailing t
    eachers regarding students in question.