• Capital Improvement Project 2020

    Panther Pride - Propelling Ourselves into a Safe & Secure Future

  • Our District has a strong history of providing quality programs for our children as well as maintaining our campus facilities. On March 31st of this year the Campbell-Savona Central School District residents will be voting on a “no additional tax impact” Capital Improvement Project. This $14.8 million project is another step toward enhancing our buildings and programs for current and future students by focusing on safety and security improvements and the replacement of aging infrastructure items.

    In an effort to protect our past investments, the District and the Board of Education worked hard to develop a plan. The work began with the Building Condition Survey as required by the New York State Education Department to ensure school districts are planning for and maintaining District facilities. This plan outlines a scope of work, which among other things, replaces items giving way to years of normal wear and tear such as window and roof replacements. Other improvements focus on enriching the experience of our students to promote the highest level of education.

    Understanding the importance of the safety of our students, staff and faculty, the District has dedicated a large portion of this project to security improvements across our campus. Building off our previous renovations, this project will include adding secure entrances, door and window hardening, and exterior improvements.

    This project will result in no tax increase for Campbell-Savona CSD residents as it is fully funded by leveraging New York State Building Aid, managing debt service payments and using the District’s existing capital reserve funds.

    Additional Work Highlights:

    District-Wide Improvements

    • Building Conditioned Air at Elementary & High School
    • Door & Window Hardening
    • Parking Lot & Sidewalk Improvements
    • Masonry Restoration
    • HVAC Improvements
    • Data Network Improvements

    Elementary School

    • New Secure Entrance Vestibule
    • Tennis Court Improvements
    • Kitchen Flooring
    • Emergency Generator
    • New Storage Building

    High School

    • New LED Lighting at Athletic Field
    • Track Resurfacing
    • Tennis Court Improvements
    • Gym Locker Room Renovations
    • Roof Replacement
    • Wall & Flooring Renovations
    • District Office Suite Reconfiguration
    • Auditorium Safety Improvements
    • Press Box & Concession Stand Renovations

    Bus Garage

    • Bus Lift & Wash Replacement
    • Fuel Delivery System Improvements

    Community members are invited to learn more about the proposed project by attending a Public Hearing on Monday 23rd at 5:30pm in the Jr./Sr/ High School LGI Room.