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    "A rigorous learning community whose graduates make a positive difference"

  • Campbell-Savona Elementary School
    64 East Lamoka Avenue
    Savona, NY 14879
    (607) 527-9800 ext. 3170

Principal's Message

  • Thank you for visiting the Savona School Page of the Campbell-Savona school website. We are a dedicated professional family very proud to bring our Mission, Vision, and Beliefs to the children of our community. Below this message is a document that gives an overview of our school and its programs to support the academic, social, emotional growth of our students.

    Please check out the links provided on the left side of our website to discover how a CSCS Panther ROARS, and what we are doing every day to teach collaboration, creative problem solving, effective communication, and exceptional critical thinking skills. It is our dedication that all stakeholders will work together to create successful citizens striving to make a difference in our school, community, country, and world!


  • The Campbell Savona Central School District will strive to become a rigorous learning community that develops:

    • collaborators
    • critical thinkers
    • creative problem solvers
    • effective communicators

    Our graduates will be successful citizens who make a positive difference in their community, country and world.


  • The mission of the Campbell-Savona Central School District is to establish a community centered environment that engages and empowers all students and all staff to become independent, flexible problem-solvers fully prepared to reach their highest potential. Rigorous and relevant authentic learning experiences serve as the vehicle through which our students learn the importance of integrity, perseverance, collaboration and communication. Our entire school community values continuous reflection as an opportunity to successfully learn, grow, and adapt to an ever-changing world.


  • We believe students are our highest priority and all decisions are centered around their needs.

    We believe the school is a vital component of the community in which all stakeholders are actively involved, aware and engaged.

    We believe in establishing trusting relationships where students develop social, emotional, physical and academic skills, enabling them to be self-directed owners of their future.

    We believe in creating learning experiences that are rigorous and relevant to students beyond school, promote interdisciplinary study across various subject areas, and incorporate real-world resources and technologies, including community partnerships.

    We believe in establishing a respectful, caring environment and empowering students and staff to take risks, persevere and grow as individuals.

    We believe in providing leadership opportunities for students and staff by giving them voice and choice. 

    We believe that collaboration and life-long learning are a shared responsibility of all school community members and students.

Elementary Administrative Team

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