• Fall

    Campbell-Savona Transportation Department

    Sarah Burgess, Transportation Supervisor
    Phone:  (607) 527-9800, ext. 1516
    Fax:  (607) 527-8695
    Email:  sburgess@cscsd.org

                                                                                C-S Bus Garage

    The district will be following the one pick up location/one drop off location.  Locations must be in the Campbell-Savona District.

    Bus stops:

    Students need to be ready at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to pick up time. Bus drivers have been instructed to wait 20 seconds at each bus stop. Please remember that a parent/guardian needs to be present when elementary students thru 3rd grade are dropped off.  

    Bus Rules:

    • Keep the aisle clear at all times.
    • Stay in your seat.
    • Do not throw anything on the bus.
    • Keep your voice at a reasonable level.
    • Keep your hands to yourself.
    • Stay in your assigned seat.
    • No food or drink is to be consumed on the bus.

    Safety First:

     By following the bus rules students help their bus drivers get them to and from school safely.