DATE:           May 15, 2021             TIME:      11:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.          


    LOCATION: Campbell-Savona Jr/Sr High School          


    PROM PROMISE is a “commitment” by each participant to be drug and alcohol free, especially on Prom Night.  Prom Promise is also an exciting activity sponsored by the PTSO and held after the Prom.  Prom Promise is offered to all Campbell-Savona juniors and seniors and their approved dates.  Juniors and seniors are not required to attend the prom in order to participate in the Prom Promise Activity.


    Students participating in Prom Promise will be expected to follow the same rules as if they were in school.  Please note specifically the following School rules:


    ·         The possession or use of tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs is not permitted.

    ·         Students will be expected to follow the district code of conduct.  Appropriate behavior is expected.

    ·         Students are expected to arrive at the location no later than 12:30 a.m. and should plan to change their clothes at Prom Promise.   If a student fails to register on time, parents will be contacted.  Students will be required to stay at Prom Promise through the night and will be dismissed at 6:00 a.m.  Parent/guardian must sign out their student if they would like to leave prior to 6:00 a.m.


    Parents need to fill out the emergency consent form. Prom Promise Consent Form Please indicate another name and phone number that will be responsible for your child if you are out of town.  Parents will be contacted if necessary.




    I will make a difference.

    I refuse to be a statistic.

    I refuse to live with the guilt of making a wrong decision,

    And refuse to wait until it is too late.

    I will not only live my life in the present, but will also live a life with

    Hopes for the further.

    I will not let alcohol and drugs determine the outcome of my life, or

    The life of an innocent victim.  Regardless of where

    I am from, who I am, and what I believe, my life is

    Worth more than any destructive decision.

    I am willing to give up those selfish desires that destroy humanity, in

    An attempt to create a safe, sober

    And drug-free America.

    I will not wait until prom to make this promise.

    For more information, please contact Matt Burns at mburns@cscsd.org