Campbell-Savona Junior/Senior High School

"A rigorous learning community whose graduates make a positive difference."


Our faculty and staff strive to produce respectful and responsible adults who are ready and willing to contribute to their communities and society. Our team of professional and caring faculty and staff members take pride in their role of shaping young adult lives and work hard to provide the very best education for all students. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of educational programs and services which have all been aligned with the New York State Learning Standards. This curriculum alignment allows teachers to maximize their time in the classroom and to provide meaningful and challenging educational experiences to their students.

Our facilities are modern and include instructional technology equipment in every classroom, an indoor 6-lane pool and an auditorium with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. The downstairs level includes the auditorium, a large group instruction (LGI) room, a gymnasium (with an attached fitness room), a library, chorus and band rooms, a two-level cafeteria, our district office and two computer labs.  The downstairs level is home to our history and English departments.

The upstairs level is home to our science, math, foreign language and our pupil personnel and guidance offices.  Our science department is proud to offer classrooms for lecture and lab experiences as well. The upstairs level also offers three computer labs.

If you have any questions or need further information, we welcome you to contact us using the information below. Once again, welcome to our district and our school!

-Principal Staci Johnson

Campbell-Savona Jr./Sr. High School
8455 County Route 125
Campbell, New York 14821

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PRIDE is the acronym that represents the main character traits that we hope Campbell-Savona students will exemplify: ​

  • Proactivity - We are teaching our students to plan ahead, take charge of their life, be proactive members of society.​

  • Resilience - We are teaching our students to bounce back, be problem solvers, take control of their decisions.​

  • Integrity - We are teaching our students to be upstanding members of a community, to do the right thing when no one is watching.​

  • Diligence - We are teaching our students to work carefully and consistently, make well thought out decision, use time effectively.​

  • Empathy - We are teaching students to have compassion toward others, be sensitive members of the community, how to put themselves into someone else's shoes.

-Assistant Principal Matt Burns

The goal of PBIS is to establish consistent behavior expectations across the building- to be clear about how we want our students to behave when they come to school every day- as well as consistent consequences when students do not meet our expectations. Through PBIS we will create a consistent system for acknowledging, and therefore encouraging, positive student behaviors as well as a consistent system for handling behavior problems in our building. The PBIS team will track the implementation of this program using data so that we can accurately assess its effectiveness and adjust our response as our school community and our students evolve.

-Dean of Students Heather Hayes

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