Campbell-Savona Jr/Sr High PTSO

(Parent Teacher Student Organization)

 What We Do...

  • Serve as a link between the parents, teachers, and students of Campbell-Savona Jr/Sr High School

  • Provide financial support toward student and school activities through various fundraising

  • Support and encourage excellence throughout both the school and community of Campbell-Savona

Why Join PTSO?

  • A fun way to get involved in your school and community

  • Looks great on a college resume!

  • Great way for parents to get involved in the school

  • Help raise money towards exciting school events, programs, and activities

  • Earn points for School Jacket and Spirit Wear

  • Help make your school a better place for everyone!

  • It is fun for everyone involved!

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Meetings and Officers

We will notify parents via newsletters and the district website...too many unknowns to list dates and then only to change the constantly.  

Our meetings consist of the Presidents Report, the Treasurers Report, Concession Stand Report, Rest Stop Report, Family Fun Night Coordinator Report and any school announcements that need to be shared.  Members have discussion around ideas that will help raise funds for our students.  These funds help to support programs such as Jr. High Incentives, Prom Promise, Drama Club, PSAT's, family night as well as many others.

Here is a list of the PTSO officers and how they may be reached if you have any questions or would like to join.

President:                                       Joanne Reed                        

Vice President:                              Trish Machuga                    

Secretary:                                      Danielle Bonicave                            

Treasurer:                                      Pam Drumm                         

Student Treasurer:                          

School Liaison:                               Matt Burns                          

Staff Liaison:                                  OPEN POSITION

Family Fun Night Coordinator:          Joanne Reed

Concession Coordinator:                  Christina Corey 

Spirit Store Coordinator:                  Trish Machuga and Joanne Reed


Tarah Auffhammer

Michelle Lewis

Angela Whittle              


DATE:           5/6/23            TIME:      11:30 p.m. – 5:00 a.m.          

LOCATION: Campbell-Savona Jr/Sr High School          

PROM PROMISE is a “commitment” by each participant to be drug and alcohol free, especially on Prom Night.  Prom Promise is also an exciting activity sponsored by the PTSO and held after the Prom.  Prom Promise is offered to all Campbell-Savona juniors and seniors and their approved dates.  Juniors and seniors are not required to attend the prom in order to participate in the Prom Promise Activity.

Students participating in Prom Promise will be expected to follow the same rules as if they were in school.  Please note specifically the following School rules:

·         The possession or use of tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs is not permitted.

·         Students will be expected to follow the district code of conduct.  Appropriate behavior is expected.

·         Students are expected to arrive at the location no later than 12:00 a.m. and should plan to change their clothes at Prom Promise.   If a student fails to register on time, parents will be contacted.  Students will be required to stay at Prom Promise through the night and will be dismissed at 5:00 a.mParent/guardian must sign out their student if they would like to leave prior to 6:00 a.m.

 Parents need to fill out the emergency consent form. Prom Promise Consent form Please indicate another name and phone number that will be responsible for your child if you are out of town.  Parents will be contacted if necessary.


I will make a difference.

I refuse to be a statistic.

I refuse to live with the guilt of making a wrong decision,

And refuse to wait until it is too late.

I will not only live my life in the present, but will also live a life with

Hopes for the further.

I will not let alcohol and drugs determine the outcome of my life, or

The life of an innocent victim.  Regardless of where

I am from, who I am, and what I believe, my life is

Worth more than any destructive decision.

I am willing to give up those selfish desires that destroy humanity, in

An attempt to create a safe, sober

And drug-free America.

I will not wait until prom to make this promise.

For more information, please contact Joanne Reed at

Point System

Students earn one PTSO point per hour of participation in a PTSO activity.  Activities include but are not limited to meetings, events, concession stand, rest stops, and prom promise fundraising.  Students can earn extra points by having their parent/guardian volunteer.  Students are awarded one PTSO point for each hour the parent/guardian volunteers. 

What are PTSO Points used for? 

   Prom Promise - Student and parents points are combined to determine how many tickets the student will receive at Prom Promise in their Junior and Senior year.   Tickets are used for prize drawings at the event. 

   Senior Scholarships – Students may earn points until the end of the third marking period of their senior year to be considered for the Senior Scholarship.  Seniors must have earned a minimum of 10 points per school year in grades 9-12 to be eligible for the scholarship.  Students who have met the eligibility requirements may be awarded the Scholarship at the discretion of the Board.  In general, the seniors with the highest number of points will be awarded the Senior Scholarship.   

   SAT/ACT/SAT – any student who volunteers 6 hours in grades 9-12 are eligible to have ONE PSAT/ACT/SAT paid for by the PTSO.  Maximum of one per student for all years of high school.  Student and parents points cannot be combined. 

   School Jackets – Points may be earned and applied toward a school jacket.  Only one jacket will be awarded.  Student’s points may only be used toward earning a jacket.  Students must earn 200 points and 50 of these points must be PTSO points to earn a jacket. 


The PTSO supports the school community through a variety of activities.  If you are a school associated organization or faculty member that would like to request financial assistance from the PTSO, complete a Request for Funds form PTSO Request for Funds and submit to JoeAnn Kimball, Assistant Principal.  Forms need to be submitted prior to PTSO meeting scheduled for the upcoming month.  Organizations/faculty members approved for funding agree to support the PTSO by volunteering at a PTSO fundraiser.

 PTSO funded activities include:
Prom Promise

·         Senior Scholarships

·         Board appreciation

·         Teacher appreciation

·         Holly Hain 5K

·         Drama Club

·         Alcohol and Tobacco Awareness Poster Contests

·         Ski Club

·         Mitten Tree

·         School Supplies

·         Middle School Incentives

·         7th grade Welcome Ice Cream Social

·         8th grade Farewell Dance

·         HEAL Club

Spirit Store

Show your Panther Pride!

The PTSO spirit store is now open for students to buy or earn spirit wear! T-shirts, lanyards, foam fingers, and more will be available to support their CS Panthers!

Our goal is to get as much spirit wear into the hands of as many Campbell-Savona students and fans as possible. We want to promote school spirit to the best of our ability and get every student involved. To do this, we have quality merchandise at a low and affordable cost. We also give our students the option to earn their spirit wear by volunteering their time during home games in the spirit store or concession stand.

 The spirit store is run strictly by volunteers. Parent and student involvement is extremely important in keeping the store up and running. Please contact Trish Machuga or Joanne Reed to volunteer!  You will find it is a fun way to get involved in your child’s school! 

Trish Machuga

Spirit Store Coordinator



Joanne Reed

Spirit Store Coordinator



Matt Burns

School Liaison

(607) 527-9800


Joanne Reed

PTSO President


Sign Up to Volunteer!

PTSO provides many opportunities for students, staff and parents to volunteer and give back to their school.  For each hour volunteered, the student will earn 1 point.  Most commonly is the concession stand during Fall, Winter, and Spring sports.  In addition, we have the Fall and Spring Campbell Rest Stop Fundraiser.  Points are  also earned by attending monthly meetings, holding an office and helping at Family Fun Nights.   Points may be earned and applied toward a schol jacket, Senior Scholarship, PSAT/ACT/SAT exam cost, Prom Promise and spirit wear. 

The school jacket can only be earned through student points from participating in athletics and volunteering for PTSO.  Parent points are not considered for the school jacket.  Students who wish to earn a school jacket must earn 200 points and 50 of those points must be PTSO points.

Sign up below to volunteer!  Thank you for your help.  Without students, staff and parents PTSO would not be able to support the many opportunities provided to our students.

PTSO By-laws