Office of the Superintendent

superintendent sitting at her desk

Ann Meccariello, Superintendent of Schools

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Campbell-Savona School District is to establish a community centered environment that engages and empowers all the students and all staff to become independent, flexible problem-solvers fully prepared to reach their highest potential.

Rigorous and relevant authentic learning experiences serve as the vehicle through which our students learn the importance of integrity, perseverance, collaboration and communication.

Our entire school community values continuous reflection as an opportunity to successfully learn, grow, and adapt to an ever-changing world.

Vision Statement

  • The Campbell-Savona Central School District will strive to become a rigorous learning community that develops:

    • Collaborators

    • Critical thinkers

    • Creative problem solvers

    • Effective communicators

    Our graduates will be successful citizens who make a positive difference in their community, country, and world.

Superintendent's Message

Hello Campbell-Savona Central School community! It is my pleasure and honor to serve as your next Superintendent. Throughout April, it has been my goal to meet as many school and community members as possible. I look forward to meeting all of you throughout the coming months as I plan on being incredibly visible and accessible at school and community events.

As I shared with staff over the past few weeks, I grew up in a community very much like this one. West Winfield, NY was my hometown, located in Central New York on Route 20. Campbell and Savona are both much like West Winfield, NY. My father owned a wholesale tire store in West Winfield, a business he inherited from my grandfather. I attended Mount Markham Central School and was incredibly involved in my local and school community.

Therefore, the small-town values of hard work, honesty and treating our neighbors, friends and family well are what I live by. At Campbell-Savona, I have quickly seen many examples of the small-town values and virtues that shaped me as a young child. Being the youngest of seven children, I grew up in a household steeped in family traditions and values, which my siblings and I continue to this day. I bring this commitment and these values to our district as well, as my school family will become very much a part of my husband’s and my life.

In my time here, the staff and I have been incredibly busy ensuring that end-of-year activities will continue throughout May and June. Although we are faced with many challenges due to ever-changing COVID-19 mandates, we are excited for a Senior Trip, spring sports, and various other in-person events, including graduation. Detailed information will be forthcoming as events are organized. Over the next two months, all staff will work together to ensure many traditional end-of-year events occur for the students at Campbell-Savona.

I hope to see many of you at various events this spring and summer. Go Panthers!


Ann Meccariello
Superintendent, Campbell-Savona Central Schools